Leveraging the full power of Lightroom with “Through the Woods Workflow”.

Walk through the woods

Lightroom presets specialized for Landscape photographers. They utilize the “preset stacking” technology with in Lightroom to give you the ability to fine tune each photograph with precision.

An amazingly easy way to get the most out of Lightroom with minimal experience that will also benefit the most experienced Lightroom user.
The presets can help users learn the Lightroom adjustment functions, so if you use these presets and carefully observe the adjustments, you can master the controls yourself. They are also useful for the busy professional to provide shortcuts in their workflow.

Like the name suggests, the presets and brushes are there to assist you throughout your workflow.  This is a great way to tame Lightroom and get the most out of Lightroom at the same time.

Here are some of my personal examples of using the  Sleeklens Walk through the woods presets.

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Through the woods

Here’s the video on how to work with Through the Woods workflow bundle:

Checkout the Landscape Workflow presets https://sleeklens.com/product-category/lightroom-presets/

How to install brushes:
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Stone Arch Artfair June 17-18-19

Gallery of photographs http://cadyphoto.com/Gallery.html

Minneapolis gallery http://cadyphoto.com/Minneapolis/index.html


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South Carlsbad State Beach

We made a stop in San Diego for Christmas staying at South Carlsbad State Beach with a great view of the ocean.


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Our travel route for the fall of 2015

With the winter cold weather moving in it’s time for us to start our way south for the winter. Below is the route that we’ll be traveling. We’re currently in Elephant Butte New Mexico pin # 6  on the map.


One of our stops was Alamogordo New Mexico where we stayed for a week. With White Sands National Monument so close we made several visits to the monument, an amazing place the sand is as white as snow the visitor center even sells sleds to slide on the sand dunes.


We’re currently at Elephant Butte RV Park where we’ll be staying until December 15th the main draw to stay here is just to the north is Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge this is where Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese and many other migrating birds make their winter home.




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Interactive Photograph Gallery Map


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Day 221-233 November 19 – December 1 Death Valley National Park, California

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park

Stayed a week at Furnace Creek, first off the weather here is fantastic highs around 80 with the lows in the low 50s. My favorite spot is the Mesquite Sand Dunes they are not the tallest but the largest in Death Valley. Made several trips to the dunes for sunrise and sunset, I do preferred sunrise the lighting on the dunes is amazing in the morning. I found the main parking area to be heavily traveled and preferred parking 1.25 miles east of the parking area and hiking to the dunes roughly a one mile hike one way, here I could photograph the dunes with no foot prints on them and with a great mountain background. Gas prices in Death Valley does vary a lot at Furnace Creek it was 4.22 per gallon at Stovepipe Wells 30 miles north gas was 3.85 per gallon and 40 miles west of Stovepipe Wells at Panamint Springs gas was 5.98 per gallon. Needless to say I did end up buying gas for the car but only needed 11 gallons and did buy it at Stovepipe Wells. I’m glad that I filled the RV in Las Vegas at 2.95 per gallon.
The second week stayed at Panamint Springs photograph the Panamint Dunes they’re 8 miles north of the campground, there is a very rough dirt road that you can drive that will get you about 3 ½ miles for the dunes.  It takes about 40 minutes to drive the 6 miles of dirt road then another 1½ hours to walk to the dunes.  To get to the dunes for sunrise I headed out at 3:50am parked the car at 4:30am then made the 1 ½ hour hike to the dunes. The dunes are a bit smaller than Mesquite Sand Dunes unfortunately most of the dunes had already been walked on and were not that photogenic but I did get a few shots. My last couple of mornings in Death Valley I made the 28 mile drive back to Mesquite Sand Dunes for sunrise and I’m glad I did the clouds the last morning turned out fantastic.

Artist’s Palette, Death Valley National Park

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park
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Day 209-221 November 7-19 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

While driving from Zion to Valley of Fire we stopped at St George to restock and noticed one of the rear tires on the RV was deformed and a bit larger than the rest of the tires with the 4 rear tires due to be replaced we found a tire store that had 4 tires in stock and within the next hour and a half we had new tires installed and were ready to continue our drive to Valley of Fire. We arrived just before sunset except the campground was now full we ended up doubled back about 15 miles to a BLM (Burro of Land Management) area that is known as snow bird masa there were around 50 other RVers scattered around the masa.

The BLM turned out to be a great place and a great location close to Valley of Fire and the town Overton that had a gas station, hardware store and grocery store with a Redbox. With the Redbox so close we were able to catch up on a few movies with the sun setting so early. While we have been to Valley of Fire a couple of times before this was the first time seeing Bighorn Sheep if fact I saw them on several different hikes with the largest group being 18 with two rams.

Bighorn Sheep Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park Nevada


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Day 203-209 November 1-7 Zion National Park, Utah

While walking the hill sides near the east entrance of Zion I ran into a group of Bighorn Sheep that were grazing on the little bit of shrubbery scattered across the landscape. They stayed for about a half an hour before moving on.

Bighorn Sheep Zion National Park

Wrapping up our stay at Zion made the hike to the top of Angels a 5.4 mile round trip hike landing not a difficult hike but a bit intimidating while hiking across the tops hanging on to a chain walking on a 3 foot wide trail and looking down over 1,000+ feet to the left and right but well worth the hike for the views.
One of the great hikes is the Subway/Angels Falls a 8.5 mile round trip hike this is a little more strenuous hike first it’s about a 45 min drive from the campground then you hike down a fairly steep trail to the river about a 400 feet elevation change then you follow the river for the next 4 miles to the subway no real trail more of a goat path that you follow not a lot to see along the trail a few small water falls along the way as you get closer to the end the views become more spectacular with the grand view at the Subway. After spending a couple of hours photographing the area it was time to start the hike back to the car to make it back before the sunsets.

Fall Colors in Zion National Park

The hike on the way to Angels Landing Zion National Park

The Slot on the way to the Suubway at Zion National Park

The Subway Zion National Park

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Day 190-209 October 19 – November 7 Zion National Park

The Narrows Zion National Park

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Day 185-190 October 14-19 Drive to Zion National Park Utah

Stopped in Salt Lake City to restock our fridge. Ended up spending two nights at Cabela’s due to a day of heavy winds before making our way to St George Utah. With it being the weekend we decided to spend a couple nights at the KOA in St George watch a couple RedBox movie and enjoy the weather.

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View previous Newsletters.

Map — Where are the Cadys now

We're staying on Lake Vermilion through June 6th then heading to Ham Lake MN to visit with family and friends along with any doctor visits that are needed.

Updated 5-21-2016


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