Day 203-209 November 1-7 Zion National Park, Utah

While walking the hill sides near the east entrance of Zion I ran into a group of Bighorn Sheep that were grazing on the little bit of shrubbery scattered across the landscape. They stayed for about a half an hour before moving on.

Bighorn Sheep Zion National Park

Wrapping up our stay at Zion made the hike to the top of Angels a 5.4 mile round trip hike landing not a difficult hike but a bit intimidating while hiking across the tops hanging on to a chain walking on a 3 foot wide trail and looking down over 1,000+ feet to the left and right but well worth the hike for the views.
One of the great hikes is the Subway/Angels Falls a 8.5 mile round trip hike this is a little more strenuous hike first it’s about a 45 min drive from the campground then you hike down a fairly steep trail to the river about a 400 feet elevation change then you follow the river for the next 4 miles to the subway no real trail more of a goat path that you follow not a lot to see along the trail a few small water falls along the way as you get closer to the end the views become more spectacular with the grand view at the Subway. After spending a couple of hours photographing the area it was time to start the hike back to the car to make it back before the sunsets.

Fall Colors in Zion National Park

The hike on the way to Angels Landing Zion National Park

The Slot on the way to the Suubway at Zion National Park

The Subway Zion National Park

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Map — Where are the Cadys now

We're staying on Lake Vermilion through June 6th then heading to Ham Lake MN to visit with family and friends along with any doctor visits that are needed.

Updated 5-21-2016
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