Day 209-221 November 7-19 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

While driving from Zion to Valley of Fire we stopped at St George to restock and noticed one of the rear tires on the RV was deformed and a bit larger than the rest of the tires with the 4 rear tires due to be replaced we found a tire store that had 4 tires in stock and within the next hour and a half we had new tires installed and were ready to continue our drive to Valley of Fire. We arrived just before sunset except the campground was now full we ended up doubled back about 15 miles to a BLM (Burro of Land Management) area that is known as snow bird masa there were around 50 other RVers scattered around the masa.

The BLM turned out to be a great place and a great location close to Valley of Fire and the town Overton that had a gas station, hardware store and grocery store with a Redbox. With the Redbox so close we were able to catch up on a few movies with the sun setting so early. While we have been to Valley of Fire a couple of times before this was the first time seeing Bighorn Sheep if fact I saw them on several different hikes with the largest group being 18 with two rams.

Bighorn Sheep Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park Nevada


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View previous Newsletters.

Map — Where are the Cadys now

We're staying on Lake Vermilion through June 6th then heading to Ham Lake MN to visit with family and friends along with any doctor visits that are needed.

Updated 5-21-2016
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