Our travel route for the fall of 2015

With the winter cold weather moving in it’s time for us to start our way south for the winter. Below is the route that we’ll be traveling. We’re currently in Elephant Butte New Mexico pin # 6  on the map.


One of our stops was Alamogordo New Mexico where we stayed for a week. With White Sands National Monument so close we made several visits to the monument, an amazing place the sand is as white as snow the visitor center even sells sleds to slide on the sand dunes.


We’re currently at Elephant Butte RV Park where we’ll be staying until December 15th the main draw to stay here is just to the north is Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge this is where Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese and many other migrating birds make their winter home.




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View previous Newsletters.

Map — Where are the Cadys now

We're staying on Lake Vermilion through June 6th then heading to Ham Lake MN to visit with family and friends along with any doctor visits that are needed.

Updated 5-21-2016
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