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You only live once!

We’ve seen too many people work until 62 or 65 and pass only a couple of years later or just they are not physically able to do the things that they had dreamed of doing once they retired.

We decided we should just do it because you can always make more money later rather than saving for a day that may never come.

Both of us love road trips and have taken several week long and two week long trips, we thought a year long trip with just a general plan that can be changed at anytime would make for a great trip, to keep the driving to a minimum we’re going to stay on the west cost. We’ll stay at each location roughly a week with some stops a bit shorter and some longer depending on the location, weather and local events that we will want to stay for or leave before it gets too crowded.

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View previous Newsletters.

Map — Where are the Cadys now

We're staying on Lake Vermilion through June 6th then heading to Ham Lake MN to visit with family and friends along with any doctor visits that are needed.

Updated 5-21-2016


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