Day 141-148 September 1-8 Pedder Bay, Canada

Day 141-148 September 1-8 Pedder Bay
We enjoyed the view at Pedder Bay so much that we went back before leaving Vancouver Island. The bay has several seals and a family of four otters that patrolled the fish cleaning station, we also saw Eagles, Blue Herron, King Fishers and many other birds. The Bay is also close to the town of Sooke that has some wonderful spots two of my favorites are Whiffin Spit and Ella Beach. Whiffin Spit has a walking path all the way to the end if the spit and the shores are loaded with drift wood and yellow flowers, one side has a great view of the town the other side you can see the Olympic mountains in Washington state. Ella beach is loaded with rocks everywhere and they look amazing during low tied. This time our campsite had a great view of the harbor where we watched the super moon rise over the end of the harbor.

Sunrise at Whiffin Spit Sooke Canada

Log from the shore at Whiffin Spit

Ella Beach Rocks

Ocean wave 
Ella Beach

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Day 137-141 August 28- September 1 Saanich Vancouver Island, Canada

Day 137-141 August 28- September 1 Saanich Vancouver Island Canada

We picked this location specifically so we’d be close to the Saanich fairgounds. Our campsite is just a short 5 minute walk from Cordova Spit with beautiful sunrise view.

Every morning at sunrise geese would fly to the south over our RV and every evening they would fly north over our RV at least 250 of then would make the trip daily.

The Saanich Fair

Our next stop Pedder Bay then we’ll be heading back to the states via a ferry from Sidney that will travel through San Juan Islands to Anacortes Washington then we’ll drive 3 or 4 days to arrive in Yellowstone National Park before all but one of the campgrounds close for the season by the end of September.

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Day 133-137 August 24-28 Campbell River Vancouver Island, Canada

Day 133-137 August 24-28 Campbell River Vancouver Island Canada
We make a bit if a jump north to Campbell River staying on the Tyee Spit this is one of the busiest places every evening people would drive down to watch the fishermen try to catch a monster Spring Salmon (Pacific Chinook Salmon) the unique part of this is the fishermen use 26lb fishing line and have to be rowing when fishing out the use of a motor. In the evenings there’re 40 to 50 boats fishing just off shore, although we spent several hours through out the week we did not see anyone catch a fish but we did see online that someone had landed a 47lb fish 

This is about 45 of then trying to catch the big one.

Through out the day there’s a lot of traffic in front of the spit fishing boats, tour boats, float planes, cruise ships, and even killer whales make there way by the spit.

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Day 127-133 August 18-24 Nanaimo Vancouver Island, Canada

Day 127-133 August 18-24 Nanaimo Vancouver Island Canada
Near our camping spot in Nanaimo was a little park Pipers Lagoon great place for a morning walk and great views the sunrise.

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Day 126-127 August 17-18 Victoria, Canada

Day 126-127 August 17-18 Victoria

Extra short stay at Victoria but we did make it down to the Fisherman’s Wharf for a Halibut sandwich for dinner. 

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Day 119-126 August 10-17 Pedder Bay Vancouver Island, Canada

Day 119-126 August 10-17 Pedder Bay Vancouver Island Canada
This is one of our favorite spots on Vancouver Island the first night that we spent at Pedder Bay we were able to watch the super moon rise overt the bay this is also a great place to watch the fishermen clean there catch, the otters, seals, and seagulls are always in the area looking for any scraps that are tossed into the water

The town of Sooke is just down the road for Pedder Bay a delightful small town with great views of the ocean from Whiffen Spit where you can see the Olympic Mounts of in the distance. Below is Roach bay where I was lucky enough to witness a fantastic sunrise where the clouds light up through the morning fog.

View of Sooke from Whifffen Spit with a sailboat moored in the bay made for a wonderful view with the morning fog layered throughout the rolling hills of the town

Matenson Lake near Pedder Bay is stocked with Rainbow Trout and has some Smallmouth Bass, the trout were very operative during my 2 hour trip hooked 6 nice sized trout but no bass. Since we were fortunate enough to meet a family from Vancouver that gave us some great salmon fillets we didn’t keep any of the trout 

Dukes favorite spot in the kayak although he does get a little excited every time I catch a fish this can make landing them a bit interesting. 

Fresh grilled salmon.

Twice a week at Pedder Bay there’s a birding walk where you can learn about the local birds, they’ll help identify birds on the trail by sight and sound although during our walk the crickets were so loud it was hard at times to hear anything but the crickets. They have several nets that they monitor through out the mornings this is a everyday event through out the summer months.

For more information about the research

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Day 116-119 August 7-10 Victoria Vancouver Island, Canada

Day 116-119 August 7-10 Victoria Vancouver Island Canada
Short stay in Victoria visited the fisherman’s wharf for a fantastic halibut fish sandwich at Fish Fish. This is also where there are several floating houses tied up to the dock they don’t look like much but the run around 250,000 and up. We also visited the downtown shops and road the Hippos they’re basically a bus that floats they tour through the Victoria streets then tour the harbor sharing local history about the area

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